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Free for Kindle: Short Hot Nights

A quick post to say Short Hot Nights, my collection of quickies – flash fic and short short stories – is free for a couple of days on Kindle!

The collection includes a spooky seasonal tale, ‘Last Christmas’, which actually was (and will probably remain) the last piece of erotica I wrote. Some of my favourites are featured here: ‘Violet Sex’, ‘Mad Ghosts of Love’, ‘Sugar Upsets my Vagina’ and ‘Deep Throat, Deep Love’, the latter of which garnered me one of my most cherished reviews. Graydancer wrote:

This is a story that is like a bite of single-origin dark chocolate followed by a sip of 24-year Laphroaig followed by a puff of a Liga Privada T52 smoked a third of the way through. There is a richness to her writing, a series of layers from the high-minded use of floral seasons to illustrate time passing to the simple visceral slurping sound of a woman wanting her lover’s cock deeper. […] It’s a bondage story, sure, but it’s also a love story between people with baggage. It’s also a story of personal realization and acceptance. It’s also an exposition of the fact that blow jobs are not just for men to “lie back and be thankful”, but a means of connection, devotion, service and yes, deep, abiding love. It’s also, if I may don my writer’s hat for a moment, disgustingly clever and graceful, like watching Baryshnikov dance to Sinatra. I kept interrupting the flow of my reading to think Damn, she’s good.


If you want to kink up your Kindle for free this Christmas, go check it out! My last novel, Undone, a twisty-turny erotic thriller, is currently also a digital snip at 99p/$1.32

Wishing you all a hot and happy festive season!

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Short Hot Nights: a mini collection of flash fic and short shorts

Short hot nights_kristina lloyd

Short Hot Nights, my new e-collection of flash fic and short shorts, features nineteen tales of quick and kinky erotica and is available on Kindle now!

This collection includes a handful of new pieces alongside stories previously published in anthologies from Cleis, Mammoth and more; and on the fabulous women and couples porn sites run by Ms Naughty: For the Girls and Bright Desire. Some of the pieces are just 500 words in length while the longest, ‘Last Christmas’, is a dark, ghostly story set, appropriately enough, when the nights are long and dark. (You can read ‘Last Christmas’ for free on Tamsin Flowers’ blog.) The tales in Short Hot Nights centre on submission, bondage, humiliation and obsession, themes that run through most of my work. Titles include ‘Mind Games’, ‘Sugar Upsets my Vagina’, ‘Betsy’s Blushes’, ‘Memo for the Boss’ and ‘Mad Ghosts of Lust’.

Fun Fact: a couple of years ago, I ran a flash fiction workshop at Eroticon and circulated colour charts of nail polish and wallpaper paint to spark story ideas for participants. ‘Betsy’s Blushes’ is a spanking story inspired by the Farrow and Ball paint, Nancy’s Blushes. Wanting to ensure I stayed on the right side of copyright law and not get sued, I changed my main character’s name. (A less fun fact: ‘Betsy’s Blushes’ was slated to appear in a Cleis anthology until the company was bought out and numerous scheduled titles got cancelled. Such is publishing!)

I’m not writing much erotica these days, nor (as you can probably tell!), am I blogging much. However, I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to gather together the bulk of my flash and short shorts into a single volume, and to pair this with last year’s collection of my longer-length short stories, On My Knees. If you do decide to buy, I hope you enjoy the read, and particular thanks to anyone and everyone who leaves reviews. They really do help sales, even if they’re only a sentence or two long.

Here’s a very neat link that will take you to the Amazon site where you live: Short Hot Nights

Meet sadists, submissives, spanking fans and seducers as their sexual adventures are captured in these snapshots. Whether it’s back alley or boardroom, heartbreak or happiness, every twisted encounter offers an invitation to more.



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Valentine Reading at Sh! Womenstore, London


It’s no secret that I love Sh! Womenstore, as do many other erotica authors. So I’m thrilled they keep on inviting us back to their wonderful Hoxton shop!

On Thursday 11th Feb, I’ll be part of a Valentine Reading, along with Mistress of Ceremonies, Zak Jane Keir, the always-fabulous KD Grace and Elizabeth Coldwell, plus a couple of new writers. Or new to me, at least.

These events are always fabulously welcoming, convivial, sexy and fun. Come along if you can. It’s free, open to all, and there will be fizz and cake, plus a chance to shop, chat or simply gaze in wonder at beautiful vibrators.

Sign up on the Facebook event page or at the event page on Sh! Womenstore’s website.

Hope to see you there! And here’s a pic from a previous Sh! reading where it looks as if I’m trying to get the devil drunk! (The devil, in this case, being Janine Ashbless.)

Janine Ashbless and Kristina Lloyd_x

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Stories Galore!

rsz_sh_xmas_slamIf you’re around London this Friday (18 Dec), why not drop into Sh! in Hoxton for our festive reading slam? It’s a free event, 6 – 8pm, and the bubbles will be flowing!

All you need to do is settle into your seat while we entertain you with tales of seduction and debauchery. There’ll be shopping opps and book signings, plus the usual Sh!-style hospitality – friendly, fun, filthy and FIZZY! I’m greatly looking forward to this gig. The staff at Sh! are truly lovely and reading in the store is always a treat.

And in other exciting news, today I have a brand new story, Last Christmas, featured on Tamsin Flower’s blog for day 16 of her advent calendar.

I love the tradition of Christmas ghost stories so I took that as my starting point. Last Christmas is a subtle, spooky piece – and, ho ho, ho, it isn’t very nice! I hope you enjoy it – especially since this is the first full-length story I’ve written for around eighteen months (gulp). Tamsin is raising money for homeless charities so if you have a few quid to spare, please give what you can.

Wishing you a fabulous festive season and I hope to see some of you at Sh! on Friday!

In the meantime, friends, please gather around the fire and let me tell you a story…

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On My Knees is everywhere!

On My Knees K Lloyd pbkMy book of short stories is now wherever you want it to be!

The rather beautiful paperback version is available from the Amazons (snazzy global link here) and the ebook is sold via all the big retailers – so you can purchase for your Kindle, your fancy iPhone, your tablet, your Nook, your cranny and more!

You can also buy in various formats (.mobi, PDF, ePub etc) from Smashwords.

This is a full-length collection, featuring fifteen of my stories published in UK and US anthologies between 2007 and 2014. I’m so pleased I’ve been able to bring these kinky pieces together in a single volume. There were a handful of additional stories I would have liked to include but, since I sold all rights to the publishers at the time, I unfortunately had to leave them out.

For nosy parkers such as myself, I’ve offered an ‘About the Stories’ section where I reveal a few behind-the-scenes details – the inspiration behind the pieces, their route to publication and so on.

I’m toying with the idea of doing a volume of my flash fiction next year but I’ll see how this book fares first!

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