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Interview in Skin Two magazine

skintwolloyd_2014The newest issue of Skin Two magazine has a femsub focus and features a three page interview with me alongside an exclusive extract from my most recent novel, Thrill Seeker.

If you don’t know Skin Two, where on earth have you been for the last few decades?

Skin Two is the fetish magazine for smart, stylish kinksters, and I’m delighted and honoured to appear in its pages. Editor, Tim Woodward, asked some super, thought-provoking questions, and he had some great things to say about Thrill Seeker.

Credit, too, to my very wonderful photographer, Stan Keetley.

There’s a glorious review of Thrill Seeker in Skin Two’s associated online shop:

“Firstly, the BDSM sex is compelling – and written with real insight into how the thinking submissive’s mind works. Secondly, it’s a proper novel. It’s literary, it’s believable and it’s full of emotional twists and turns”

Read the whole review here.

SkinTwoMay2014You can buy Thrill Seeker at KFS Media’s online store, along with a whole range of sexy, bookish goodies, including issues of Skin Two, current and past.

The latest issue of Skin Two is available in print form for £10 (and as you might expect from a fetish mag, the paper is seriously lovely to touch – and lick and roll around on and, and… ) or as a digital download for £2.95.

Issue 66 also includes fiction from Tiffany Reisz so more bang for your buck!

Skin Two is also lots more than a magazine! Check out what else they get up to here.

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  1. not sure where i have been for the past few decades then, but if the magazine features an interview with you i know it is worthy! will try to acquire…

    Comment by F Dot Leonora | April 16, 2014 | Reply

    • Ah, you have probably just been in America!

      Comment by Kristina Lloyd | April 16, 2014 | Reply

      • roflmao, ah, but at least i am international!;)

        Comment by F Dot Leonora | April 16, 2014 | Reply

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