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Shake your stuff at Brighton Fetish Weekend!


Or maybe read your stuff! Or hey, why not both?

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to devote an entire weekend in Brighton to kink, drinks, shopping, spanking and dancing, then April 10 – 12th is your chance to find out. If you’ve previously experienced such delights, chances are you’ll already have bought your tickets for Brighton Fetish Weekend.

In April, I’ll be appearing at BFW’s Fetish Expo for the third time, and this year I’ll be joined by writers Zak Jane Keir and Molly Moore. Excitingly, we’re hosting an erotica reading slam! This means you – yes, you! – can read your smut on stage.

The Fetish Expo takes place on Saturday afternoon (11th April). All readers will be given a maximum of five minutes for their reading. Anyone who goes over time, will be publicly humiliated with a spanking! And there’ll be prizes too!

Anyone can join in. You might be a secretive, newbie erotica writer or an old pro. It’s all good. We’ll be asking hopeful readers to put their names into a hat on the day (I very much doubt it will be a hat…) and we’ll then select at random.

If you fancy reading, we’d love you to contact us in advance, just so we can get an idea of numbers. Comment here or drop us a line via the Contact form on this site (top right).

Brighton Fetish Weekend is heaps of kinky fun, incredibly welcoming, diverse and relaxed. The theme this year is Kaleidoscope Circus and you can join the Facebook event here. The Saturday afternoon Fetish Expo is always truly fab, and features performances, demos, exhibitions, traders and, erm, that thing which happened last year where people wore fencing masks and whipped balloons off each other’s heads. That. Name escapes me, But that! And this year, I’m pleased to say, there’ll be a guy on the roster of burlesque acts. Huzzah! Some flesh for the cock lovers among us.

You can buy tickets for the whole weekend or for individual events. Check out the tickets page for details.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in reading. And hope to see you there!

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Competition: Hot Potatoes!

Shibari spudI don’t just write dark, literary, controversial erotica. I also write potato-based porno, as I demonstrated last night at the stupendous party that was Erotic World Book Day.

I was inspired to do so by the madwoman genius behind EWBD, Emily Dubberley, prolific author and founder of Cliterati. Emily trussed up a spud after learning that kids had been decorating said veg to resemble their favourite fictional characters as part of the regular World Book Day.

And lo, Emily snapped her awesome ‘Story of Potatoh’ photo, as seen on the left. (Don’t you just love those coquettish yet terrified eyes?) And I added some flash fic. I’m very proud of my effort, so here it is:


King Edward had many eyes for Ms Charlotte Kerr, and she too creamed when she saw him. For months, their desire(e)s had been buried in the ground, but in the bright light of summer, their tubers were transformed and they were desperate to spud! King Edward threw off his jacket and, because he was a dominant sort of potato, he peeled off Ms Kerr’s skin. She gasped and blushed but Edward paid no heed, intent only on checking out Ms Kerr’s pink. Before long, she was roasting hot, and they mashed their flesh to ecstasy until King Edward’s chips were down. Then they lay on the sofa together, totally boiled, and lived happily ever after as couch potatoes.


Could I make a career of this?

Erotic World Book Day is both a celebration of erotic fic and a fabulous fund-raiser for sexual well-being charity, Brook, who do amazing, important work in the UK. An associated anthology, An Intimate Education, was published as part of the event yesterday and all profits go to Brook. As far as I know, the collection doesn’t feature any sexy potatoes. Despite that clear oversight on the part of the editors, we’re really hoping the ebook can get as high as possible in Amazon’s sales ranking. At some point in the last 24 hours, the anthology hit number 13 in their erotica charts which as ETO say, is an astonishing achievement. Please check out the anthology and put your hand in your metaphorical pocket for a good cause. No, not that one! The charitable one.

EWBD has been such a massive success that it looks certain to be an annual event. Visit the new webpage and if you missed the party, hop on over to the Facebook event. I’m sure there are still a few bleary-eyed souls wandering about.

And if you have an urge to create some potato-based erotic flash, I’d love to see it in the comments! I feel the world needs some fiction featuring, for example, a small, round character called Master Tater.

She said starchily.

ETA: OK, so this is now officially a competition! Actually, two competions: best potatoh fiction and best potatoh photo! Prizes will be books from me and Emily Dubberley (unless the Potato Council decide to sponsor us, in which case who knows?!) Closing date 23rd March, two weeks time. More details and T&Cs as I think of ’em!

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Erotic World Book Day!


Do you want to make your Thursday night a little sexier this week? Without even leaving the house? If so, unbutton your PJs, add a slug of rum to your hot chocolate, activate your wrist, and join a bunch of erotica readers and writers for a fabulous Facebook party!

Erotic World Book Day on March 5th centres around an online FB event featuring chat, mayhem (I predict), sexiness and preposterous amounts of giveaway prizes!

One of the aims of the gig is to raise money and awareness for UK sex ed charity, Brook. A fund-raising anthology, An Intimate Education, will be released on the day with all proceeds going to Brook. I’m not in it, because I write too slowly for this world, but plenty of super people are.

As well as asking for your money to support Brook, EWBD are giving it away! There are over £1000 worth of goodies up for grabs, including some very posh vibrators. If you’re in the South East (UK), you might want to try and snag a pair of tickets to Brighton Fetish Weekend where, on the Saturday, I’ll be hosting an erotica slam along with Zak Jane Keir and Molly Moore. (More on this later!)

BlackLace EWBDMy publisher, Black Lace, have also generously offered four four-packs for the big #EWBD giveaway. That’s four bundles, each one containing four books, including my latest novel, Undone.

At the time of writing, I have no idea what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of the four-packs. Just turn up at the Facebook event from 7pm (GMT) onwards and join in the fun and games! For the full low-down on all the prizes, check out Cara Sutra’s blog. Follow us on Twitter (#EWBD) and please help spread the sexy word!

Brook Donate

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As Kinky As You Wanna Be

kinky_as_germainThe release of a certain film (no, I haven’t seen it yet) seems like a good time to mention this recent guide to safe, sane and smart BDSM from author and editor, Shanna Germain.

As Kinky As You Wanna Be serves up a mix of advice, anecdote, interviews, info and fiction. I’m a huge fan of sex guides which champion the imaginative, and don’t simply focus and the nuts and bolts of fucking. Being playful and free in your thinking is the best route to having a great time in the sack (even if it’s just you on your own!).

AKAYWB features stories from a bunch of top writers including Remittance Girl, Janine Ashbless, Kristina Wright, Nikki Magennis and Donna George Storey. I have a piece included, The Wrong Woman, which Shanna describes in her introduction as breaking “all the taboos […] to remind us just how hot a dirty, naughty fantasy can be.”

This story first appeared in Maxim Jakubowski‘s Quick and Dirty Erotica anthology, and centres on non-con, sort of. You can read a sexy excerpt here.

And if you’re in the South East of England this weekend, why not check out Dirty Sexy Words, an erotica reading evening in Croydon this Sunday? Last week, Time Out magazine listed the event in its feature on The 20 Sexiest Things to do in London. They also included a photo of me (below) from one of the times I read there which was nice of them! This was two days before the release of Undone, and the first time I’d read from the book in public. It’s less than six months ago but it seems like an age.

Hope to see some of you there on Sunday!

Kristina Lloyd DSW 2014

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