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Asking for Trouble is my controversial second novel. It’s a Black Lace bestseller, was the winner of ‘Best Female Submission Scene’ in Scarlet Magazine‘s Erotic Fiction Awards 2006, and has topped Amazon UK’s Erotica Charts.

It’s a filthy book: dark, disturbing, claustrophobic and hot. The story follows Beth Bradshaw, a woman fascinated by sleaze and danger, and Ilya, the enigmatic stranger offering to fulfil her sexual fantasies. The two embark on an increasingly addictive affair and as fantasy and reality blur, Beth is drawn deeper into Brighton’s seedy underbelly where things, including Ilya, are more dangerous than she bargained for.

I wasn’t too keen on baring my innermost fantasies. They weren’t exactly clean and sweet and, besides, I didn’t know if I wanted them fulfilled. Ilya wanted me to confess all so he could make my bad dreams come true. If I’d realised how well-suited he was to do that – to drag my dangerous dirty fantasy down into his dangerous dirty reality – I might have kept my mouth shut. But I didn’t. I told him everything

Praise for Asking for Trouble

“Lloyd’s page-turner is a flawlessly written excursion into a world of erotic humiliation … While the characters may arouse feelings of revulsion or disapproval, this look inside their thoughts, emotions and behavior is mesmerizing. The setting, contemporary England, is well described, and the dialogue is gritty and realistic. Readers undisturbed by explicit descriptions of kinky sexual encounters will find this riveting.” Romantic Times, 4 ½ Stars

“Beth is a well-drawn, believable heroine who knows she’s completely entitled to the sort of fantasies ‘nice girls’ aren’t supposed to have, yet still feels uneasy about acting them out … Recommended.” – Elizabeth Coldwell, Forum

“A cracking story … Kristina Lloyd is a fresh literary talent. Her sparky writing takes this book into another league of erotic fiction … Great stuff and not for the easily shocked.” – Kerri Sharp, Black Lace

“Part of the book’s appeal is the brilliant evocation of Brighton in the late 90s; the town is almost a character in its own right. Lloyd also captures the irrational, compulsive momentum of unwise lust. I think the most memorable thing about it, finally, is that it depicts a woman who is both sexually submissive – massively sexually submissive – but also a rounded character who is, ultimately, in charge of her own life.” – Classics of Erotica

International bestselling crimewriter Elizabeth Haynes, author of the riveting Into the Darkest Corner, tweeted her appreciation.

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  1. It IS a page-turner which is all to rare in erotica. Even if it hadn’t fit my turn ons I would have kept reading as I did with “Coming Up the Mountain” by Tabitha Flyte which is another rare page turner.

    Comment by Lisa Whitefern | July 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. love this book. i think you should do a second one, where Ilya and Beth meet again…

    Comment by caz | September 4, 2009 | Reply

  3. How do I get the book if I don’t have a kindle or tablet?

    Comment by Lexie | May 2, 2016 | Reply

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