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Free for Kindle: Short Hot Nights

A quick post to say Short Hot Nights, my collection of quickies – flash fic and short short stories – is free for a couple of days on Kindle!

The collection includes a spooky seasonal tale, ‘Last Christmas’, which actually was (and will probably remain) the last piece of erotica I wrote. Some of my favourites are featured here: ‘Violet Sex’, ‘Mad Ghosts of Love’, ‘Sugar Upsets my Vagina’ and ‘Deep Throat, Deep Love’, the latter of which garnered me one of my most cherished reviews. Graydancer wrote:

This is a story that is like a bite of single-origin dark chocolate followed by a sip of 24-year Laphroaig followed by a puff of a Liga Privada T52 smoked a third of the way through. There is a richness to her writing, a series of layers from the high-minded use of floral seasons to illustrate time passing to the simple visceral slurping sound of a woman wanting her lover’s cock deeper. […] It’s a bondage story, sure, but it’s also a love story between people with baggage. It’s also a story of personal realization and acceptance. It’s also an exposition of the fact that blow jobs are not just for men to “lie back and be thankful”, but a means of connection, devotion, service and yes, deep, abiding love. It’s also, if I may don my writer’s hat for a moment, disgustingly clever and graceful, like watching Baryshnikov dance to Sinatra. I kept interrupting the flow of my reading to think Damn, she’s good.


If you want to kink up your Kindle for free this Christmas, go check it out! My last novel, Undone, a twisty-turny erotic thriller, is currently also a digital snip at 99p/$1.32

Wishing you all a hot and happy festive season!

December 23, 2017 - Posted by | Kristina Lloyd

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