Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction


The Vampire’s Heart appears in Lust Bites, a vampire novella volume from Black Lace.

Set in the icy wastelands of the Arctic, The Vampire’s Heart tells the story of Billy, a snow vampire, and his love for Esther, a woman he accidentally killed in 17th century Constantinople. Esther, reborn into contemporary society, is on an Arctic trek, passing dangerously close to the hideout Billy shares with his vampire lovers, Simeon and Suzanne. Surviving on Blud, a synthetic blood substitute, and fearing his lust could destroy Esther, Billy is desperate to maintain self-control. But that’s increasingly difficult when his jealous lovers are eager to get rid of Esther, and when the very nearness of her torments him.

You couldn’t escape the stories of this place. Sometimes, it was a mythical land where ancient explorers sailed through peppermint green seas, mistaking icebergs for giant swans and narwhals for aquatic unicorns. Over the centuries, reports had come back of ghostly mountains, mock suns and nights lit with curtains of coloured phosphorescence. Sometimes, it was a frozen desert, tempting men onto foolish, heroic quests. Their stories hung in the emptiness, tales of survival and loss; of horror and madness; of people on the borderline between life and death. And, of course, there were many untold stories too, stories with no one left to tell them.

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