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Thrill Seeker Kristina Lloyd eroticaBetrayed by her lover, Natalie Lovell starts to explore the world of internet dating. There, she meets a dark, sexy stranger who promises all the danger, excitement and dominance she craves. When Natalie reveals her fantasy of being kidnapped, this mysterious online man begins encroaching on her life. How far will Natalie go to get the ultimate in thrills? And will playing with fire help her forget Baxter Logan, the man who betrayed her?

With Baxter, submission was more than I’d dreamed it could be. In the thick of it, when he pushed me towards my limit, I could go under and reach a place of beautiful, bombed-out absence, a strange sensation of being saturated in an ongoing miracle. Just held there, floating and far-off. Untouchable. I learned the name for this: subspace; the word so ugly and inadequate for the experience it described. In that zone where I was lost to myself, dissolving and drifting, I felt more at peace than at any point I’d known before. So far, only Baxter had been able to show me that clearing. After him, nothing else could get me as high but the compulsion to yield still clawed at me.

Praise for Thrill Seeker

“Thrill Seeker blends BDSM sexuality with the realities of emotional life in a way that’s strikingly familiar to anyone trying to find their way through the vagaries of BDSM sex and love. It’s superbly horny, it’s deeply kinky, a great read and a page-turner.” – Skin Two

“Sumptuously written … I adored the absolute ownership of the heroine’s kinky desires. … In a world where submission can be seen as weak, this book throws that concept right out of the water. [A] gloriously edgy 5* read!” – Long and Short Reviews, 5* review

“Natalie … is one of the most complex leading females I have encountered in a long time. … She admits that her sexual preferences are more on the darker-side of the scale and it’s the need for these thrills and risks that result in her engaging in what can only be described as Russian Roulette. … It’s full of tension, great writing, and well drawn characters. If you’re looking for a different kind of erotic romance, then look no further.” – Book Chick City

Read a sexy excerpt from Thrill Seeker

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