Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction


ON MY KNEES_417x625My short story collection, On My Knees, gathers together fifteen of my best-loved tales, including ‘The Bondage Pig’, ‘On My Knees in Barcelona’ and ‘All My Lovers in One Room’.

I’ve contributed to dozens of anthologies and magazines over the years, and the stories here feature a range of characters, settings and submissive desires.

In ‘Living off Lovers’ a woman in a haunted apartment block becomes obsessed with a man she barely knows; while in another tale, Susanna, despite being married, can’t stop thinking about her local butcher (‘Cutting Out Hearts’). An army-boot fetishist meets her kinky match in ‘Boot Camp’; and when Coral’s lover claims ownership of her ass, she orchestrates a threesome so she can enjoy being shared (‘My Ass is Your Ass is My Ass’).

Several of the stories in this collection appeared in the annual Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica edited by Maxim Jakubowski. (Sadly, the series came to a close in 2015.) The story ‘On My Knees in Barcelona’ was first published in Violet Blue’s Best Women’s Erotica 2010, and was then selected for inclusion in The Best of Best Women’s Erotica 2, a volume spanning five years of the series.

On My Knees features my very best work, and is a collection I’m enormously proud of. The book begins with an introduction and concludes with an ‘About the Stories’ section, offering readers a glimpse behind the scenes of each tale.

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