Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction

Word of Mouth

Asking for Trouble

“This is not your bog standard erotica.”

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever read before from Black Lace.”

“Wow, this is seriously one twisted and dark story.”

“A gangster movie of a book, very well written.”

“Some of the best sex scenes I’ve ever read.”

“Kept me hooked like a novel but horny as hell too.”

“Ultimately the book serves as a potent illustration of why in the majority, fantasy should stay exactly that, and never actually see the light of day.”

AFT2“Right from the start I knew I was going to like Beth and I was going to like this very realistic, psychotically dark & dangerous, sexual thriller.

Kristina Lloyd had me believing these characters and their situations were REAL. I mean sometimes I wonder if it isn’t based on someone’s true experience. It certainly had that element of truth, and the characters could easily be people you meet everyday at work, on the street or in a pub. Beth’s reactions were honest and true to most of the scenarios in the book. It’s the reactions and emotions I’d expect from a real live woman.

Yes, the sex scenes were explosive and HOT, but it’s not just the sex that keeps this wonderful story going… It’s the element of danger too. So far after reading, many, many Black Lace novels, ‘Asking For Trouble’ is the one that stood out from the rest. ”

“A fresh and sparky narrative which is as good as anything being published as literary or cult fiction.”

“Some great sex scenes in it and a few scary ones.”

“A story that is well-written and hot early on quickly turned into one that you just wanted to finish so you could see the ending before you showered.”

“This book could well be an advert from the Brighton Tourist Board. Like Brighton Rock by Graham Greene it weaves its tale around the wonderfully decadent south coast resort. A truly magical novel.”


“A really great thing about this book is that the main character is a very lusty woman – I adore reading stories where women have strong sex drives and have no problems going out and fulfilling their desires. And while I would not say that I shared quite her depth of desire for seedier, dirtier sex, I think most of us have had a thought about sex that is not quite as pristine as in the movies.”

“A must read for all lovers of erotic romance who like their heroes extra dark and dangerous and the sex scenes right on the edge.”

“Exceedingly well-written, especially for erotica, and I adored having a female lead who was as sexual as I am.”

“Kristina can be lyrical at times but she is never self-indulgent. And when she needs to be crude she is definitively crude. Above all, she strives to be accurate. Her touchstone is undoubtedly herself, her own body, her own desires, her own responses. For this reason alone the book is very daring.”

“The main female lead clearly loves sex and has a sex drive that will ring true for women readers who also like sex more than once a week with the lights off.”

“Not for the squeamish; not even for the sensitive – this is hardcore and some parts are seriously disturbing.”

“I just wanted to get through the thing to finish it.”


“The beginning and middle are really hot and fun, and although some of the fantasies weren’t my cup of tea, I still found it sexy. However […] there are scenes which many readers may find disturbing. It’s definitely one of the most controversial Black Lace novels I’ve read.”


“It builds rapidly into an explosive mix of hard erotic sex, insurmountable lust, and twisted desire. It gets better and better as it goes on, until a point is reached in the antique shop office where lust begins to turn into slight worry and anxiety.”

“Raunchy, racy and hot stuff! You don’t have to flick the pages to get to the “good stuff”, it’s all good!”

“I found the storyline extremely disturbing.”

“An excellent novel, funny, witty and well plotted, the main character Beth makes an engaging narrator who keeps the reader reading.”


“By far one of the best Black Lace books that I have ever read [… ] I admire the character for her bravery.”

“One of the worst Black Lace books I have ever read. Ilya, the main partner of the heroine, Beth, is a jerk. I pitied Beth more than I wanted to be in her place. Most of the sex scenes are degrading – not arousing.”

“All my turn ons finally in a beautifully written novel.”

“Yes, it took my run of the mill darker fantasies much further than I would even think about, but those scenes left you feeling connected to Beth, made you feel like you endured the humiliation, degradation. Not for the faint hearted, but definitely for the open minded.”

“I found it gritty, real, disturbingly erotic and (in my case) an eye opener.”

“I have to confess to being slightly shocked – this is pretty filthy in places and goes to depths even I wouldn’t want to go.”

“That girl needs to see a therapist big time.” [said of my protagonist, not me]

“Kristina Lloyd should be credited for such candour in exploring female fantasies.”

“I have probably listened to it at least four times now. I never get tired of this book!”

“A flaming hot erotica novel that will leave you speechless. Ms. Lloyd gives a candid view of her lead character’s life as she takes part in playing a game of sexual brinkmanship. Nothing is off limits and the boundaries between reality and fantasy soon become a blur. I must say the writing is captivating and the storytelling superb.”

“Shocking, dirty, funny, sexy, intense. Kept me awake till 2 am.”


“The sex scenes are scorching, scary, and really make your heart beat faster.”

“If you like intense erotica, you will love this.”

“Smart, raw and raunchy erotica, complexly drawn.”

“Welcome to dark, dirty but never boring.”

“Flawlessly written.”

“A seriously addictive book.”

“It goes over the edge. Way over. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


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  1. hehe there is a quote by me in there. And I LOVE those pics of scenes from Brighton you have here. I knew nothing about the place so I did some searchs of Google Images at one point while I was reading it.

    Comment by Lisa Whitefern | July 14, 2009 | Reply

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