Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction Author

The Trilogy: to the limit!

Anal on AudibleIn 2012, our three anal erotica ebooks were picked up by Susie Bright, the hero of anyone who enjoys quality erotica and knows that sex is important and political!

Susie recorded and released our three anthologies as a single audiobook, The Trilogy, lasting for over 5 hours. That’s a lot of sexy ass! (Give your ears a sample: UK & US).

Susie says of our trilogy: “Alison Tyler pioneered e-book erotica with high quality writing and a sassy no-apologies attitude. All the writers in this compilation took it to the limit with inventive stories for those looking for all bottoms, all the time, and every which way!”

The Trilogy is also available on Kindle (UK & US) and in print (UK & US)

If you haven’t kept up with the series, now’s your chance to indulge, however you want to take it!

Amazon UK : Amazon US


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