Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction Author

Kiss My Ass

Strangers in the Bathhouse, my story in our first anthology, is M/M. I find wet men incredibly sexy and this was my chance to indulge myself by visualising two of them. Paul and Metin get together in a Turkish haman, even thought the language of lust is the only one they share.


The man, whom Paul had privately named Metin, knowing it meant “strong”, went to the hamam on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Increasingly so did Paul. Last week, Paul had sat by his marble basin in the steamy hot room, pouring bowls of clear water over his body in a half-hearted bid to calm his cock as it thickened beneath his wet peştamal. Another option would have been to look away but Paul’s eyes lacked willpower. On the broad marble slab in the room’s center lay Metin on his front, his body almost hidden by a cloud of suds as his pot-bellied keseci worked him, lathering, pummelling and massaging.

Poles of diffuse light hung from the domed ceiling, slicing the mist and casting soft spotlights on a performance Paul fancied was aimed at him. The keseci, vigorous and efficient, sloshed and slapped, and the crude, slightly medical scent of soap sharpened the air. Paul watched as the man stripped suds from Metin’s calves, using his thumb and forefinger like a squeegee, then worked each leg in turn, pulling at the ankle then angling the foot back towards Metin’s cloth-draped butt. Metin groaned loudly, left leg, right. When the keseci began working Metin’s upper half, scraping away lather, twisting his limbs and screwing his fists into flesh, Metin laughed darkly.

Paul was transfixed, throbs of sensation hardening his dick. Around him, water trickled over marble and voices he didn’t understand emerged from the thin steam, echoing in the ancient, marble chambers. Paul felt he’d slipped back in time and was being treated to a piece of seventeenth century pornography.


Kiss My Ass

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Strangers in the Bathhouse by Kristina Lloyd

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“Every story is edgy and excellently written […. and] Kristina Lloyd plays dirtiest of all with two men.”

“Each [story] held me on the edge of my seat, breathless and flushed, eager for every word.”

Wet man image by Fred Goudon
Cover by Metal Taboo

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