Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction Author

Kristina Lloyd

I write erotic fiction about sexually submissive women who like it on the dark, dirty and dangerous side. My novels are published by Black Lace (Ebury) and my short stories appear in a range of anthologies, including several “best of” collections, in both the UK and US. I’ve written non-fiction for publications such as The Guardian, The Sunday Times Travel, International Business Times and more.

I live in Brighton, a seaside town in the south of England. Brighton is the setting for my controversial and most popular novel, Asking for Trouble. Check out some reader reviews here.

Praise for Kristina Lloyd

“Kristina Lloyd is one of my favorite writers … Her atmospheric style sends me into orbit” – Alison Tyler

“Kristina makes no apology for writing transgressive fiction with some heavy female submission” – Elizabeth Coldwell

“a very gifted author” – Violet Blue

“Aside from being intensely erotic, Kristina’s fiction does not shy away from taking sex to extremes. And all of this accomplished with a literary finesse that makes her writing truly distinctive” – Ashley Lister

“disgustingly clever and graceful” – Graydancer

“superbly horny … will restore your faith in BDSM literature” – Skin Two

“No one does damaged characters better than Lloyd and has a clearer open line to the well of cravings and obsessions.” – Maxim Jakubowski