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Shake your stuff at Brighton Fetish Weekend!


Or maybe read your stuff! Or hey, why not both?

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to devote an entire weekend in Brighton to kink, drinks, shopping, spanking and dancing, then April 10 – 12th is your chance to find out. If you’ve previously experienced such delights, chances are you’ll already have bought your tickets for Brighton Fetish Weekend.

In April, I’ll be appearing at BFW’s Fetish Expo for the third time, and this year I’ll be joined by writers Zak Jane Keir and Molly Moore. Excitingly, we’re hosting an erotica reading slam! This means you – yes, you! – can read your smut on stage.

The Fetish Expo takes place on Saturday afternoon (11th April). All readers will be given a maximum of five minutes for their reading. Anyone who goes over time, will be publicly humiliated with a spanking! And there’ll be prizes too!

Anyone can join in. You might be a secretive, newbie erotica writer or an old pro. It’s all good. We’ll be asking hopeful readers to put their names into a hat on the day (I very much doubt it will be a hat…) and we’ll then select at random.

If you fancy reading, we’d love you to contact us in advance, just so we can get an idea of numbers. Comment here or drop us a line via the Contact form on this site (top right).

Brighton Fetish Weekend is heaps of kinky fun, incredibly welcoming, diverse and relaxed. The theme this year is Kaleidoscope Circus and you can join the Facebook event here. The Saturday afternoon Fetish Expo is always truly fab, and features performances, demos, exhibitions, traders and, erm, that thing which happened last year where people wore fencing masks and whipped balloons off each other’s heads. That. Name escapes me, But that! And this year, I’m pleased to say, there’ll be a guy on the roster of burlesque acts. Huzzah! Some flesh for the cock lovers among us.

You can buy tickets for the whole weekend or for individual events. Check out the tickets page for details.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in reading. And hope to see you there!


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