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Man Candy Monday

I’m feeling that warm glow of satisfaction because, not only is Thrill Seeker now available to buy on Kindle in the states, I’ve recently received a glorious, 5 star review on Long and Short Reviews, an American site. Phew! People across the pond can read the review then buy the book if they wish to do so. How rad!

LASR totally get what I’m trying to do in my work, and that’s always hugely gratifying, especially on an erotic romance site where I tend to scare people. They say:

Did I regret that drift into a forbidden, dark and dangerous world? No way! Because Ms Lloyd makes it all okay to do so. I adored that about Thrill Seeker, the absolute ownership of the heroine’s kinky desires and her attitude of not having to gain permission or explain the reason for her lusty fantasies but to just go with what feels really-damn-good regardless of societies frowning face or the guilt that might knock at the door afterwards.

Thrill Seeker is edgy for sure, but when you pluck a Kristina Lloyd book off the shelf (or in my case download to Kindle) what do you expect? For me that’s the draw of this author, I love being taken to the periphery of what is both mine and the heroine’s comfort zone. [read more]

I’m so very pleased. I should probably warn/reassure you that, contrary to the list of tags on the review for Thrill Seeker, there is no fisting in the book! I think my poor editor would have gone into meltdown if I’d included that. Maybe next time …

Before you go, check out Janine Ashbless’s photo-blog and write up of Nine Worlds, London’s first geek convention. I was there (Janine has proof); it was amazing, inspiring, enormous; and I hope to be back next year.


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  1. Hey there … found this post via the link back to the review. We’ve fixed the “fisting” reference — it should have read “fetish”, so it should be accurate now 🙂

    Comment by Long & Short Reviews (@LASReviews) | August 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Haha, thank you. I did rack my brains for a bit, thinking, ‘Did I?’ Fetish makes much more sense!

      Comment by Kristina Lloyd | August 19, 2013 | Reply

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