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Thrill Seeker finally arrives in the US!

adam_levineI’m overjoyed to be able to say, finally, FINALLY, Thrill Seeker is available on Kindle in the US!

Yup, you heard right! Thrill Seeker is available on Kindle in the US!

Many thanks to all who’ve asked about availability, for both your enthusiasm and your patience. I don’t know why it’s taken so long. Problems in the Kindle mines which the International Black Lace pixies have struggled to rectify. Or somesuch.

To celebrate my Kindling, I’m going to have a big ol’ party where I’ll eat corn dogs, drink root beer and be pom-pommed by male cheerleaders. No, actually, I’m going to stop obsessively checking my Amazon US page and crack on with writing my next novel!

Thrill Seeker was priced at $9.99 this morning and at the time of writing, is a mere $5.88. I’ve also seen it at $14. Ah, the mysteries of Amazon’s pricing system.

In the meantime, why are you still here, dear American readers? I have a fresh, sexy ebook waiting to be downloaded.

I just hope the long wait has whetted your appetites!

Thrill seeker sidebar Amazon US Kindle, August 2013, OMFG!

If you want a paperback and you’re in the States, I’m afraid it’s import only, and likely to stay that way. Amazon have a bunch of third party vendors to purchase from.fireworks-1

If you missed the link: Kindle USA!


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