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Thrill Seeker giveaway and other good stuff!

Thrill Seeker Kristina Lloyd eroticaChop chop! Two paperback copies of Thrill Seeker are up for grabs at Book Chick City but you’ve got to get in there by August 1st! You’ve also got to fess up to the books you read as a teenager under the duvet. When I was younger, one of my reading addictions was the fabulously gothic Flowers in the Attic, and all the follow-on books in that series. If you’ve ever wondered why I set so much erotica in attics, Virginia Andrews is your answer!

Book Chick City interviewed me for their site and asked some great questions, including plenty about Thrill Seeker. BCC are primarily a romance site, and they’ve been wonderful to discover. Gemma and Carolyn recently gave Thrill Seeker an incredibly thoughtful, substantial joint-review, acknowledging the book was darker than they were used to but finding plenty to like about it nonetheless. I do think as readers, and as people, it’s important we don’t simply stick to the safe and familiar. Much respect to Gemma and Carolyn for stepping outside their comfort zones, for being open-minded and prepared to explore!

“What I found really stellar was the suspense aspect. Lloyd crafts a plot that is just scary to read. Another reviewer had commented that Hollywood would kill to have this level of drama, and I have to agree. This is a prime novel for those who don’t mind delving into the dark side. […] It’s full of tension, great writing, and well drawn characters. If you’re looking for a different kind of erotic romance, then look no further.”

Another recent review comes from the people behind the smart and sexy Skin Two magazine who are more than accustomed to kinky fic. To my great delight, they describe Thrill Seeker as “superbly horny”, and say:

“Firstly, the BDSM sex is compelling – and written with real insight into how the thinking submissive’s mind works. Secondly, it’s a proper novel. It’s literary, it’s believable and it’s full of emotional twists and turns, as the central character wrestles with her powerful submissive sexuality, love and her feelings for the men in her life.”

skintwoThrill Seeker is available at Skin Two’s online store, so if you want to support the folk who’ve been supporting alt sexualities and kinky good times for over 25 years, head their way!

In other news, last weekend I joined the Ebury team at Latitude Festival in Suffolk where I spoke about my writing and being an author with Black Lace books. More on this when I’ve recovered from the trauma of camping while suffering from hay fever!


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