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News round up!

02I’m delighted (and relieved!) to report that Thrill Seeker has been receiving some super reviews since its UK release last month.

On Amazon UK I have a couple of lovely, thoughtful reviews, and a couple more on Goodreads, including one from Tabitha Rayne describing Thrill Seeker as “an addictive deeply erotic book”.

One of my favourite reviewers, Vanessa Wu, gave Thrill Seeker a big thumbs up, describing it as “an important, exciting and provocative book”. And Tilly Hunter penned a wonderfully positive review, observing “how bloody brilliant it is when a writer comes along and combines the hot-as-fuck kink with a well-crafted plot, characters you identify with and care about and a head-on intelligent treatment of the difficult issues. And that’s what Thrill Seeker is.”

I am enormously grateful to people who write reviews. Thank you to everyone who finds the time.

A number of people have been asking when Thrill Seeker will be released in the States. I’m afraid I don’t have a firm answer but here’s what I know so far: Thrill Seeker won’t ever (or not for the forseeable future) be available in paperback directly from Amazon US etc so if you want to get your hands on a hard copy, you’ll need to buy as an import. This option is currently available via Amazon US, and the price, including shipping is around $11, so not crazily hiked up, and you’re not obliged to drink a cup of tea or sing “God Save the Queen” when the paperback arrives! The release of the ebook version of Thrill Seeker is something of a mystery to me. It may be available on Kindle right now. I can’t easily tell from looking at the webpage from the UK so I’m relying on American friends to tell me when it’s available to download. If you’ve been able to purchase on Kindle in the US, please let me know!

brighton_fetish_weekend_sbIn news closer to home, I’m giving a talk in Brighton next Saturday, 29th June, as part of the very first Brighton Fetish Weekend. This looks set to be a spectacular few days with kinky cocktails on Friday; demos and exhibitions on Saturday afternoon; fluffy fetish at Club Spank on Saturday evening; and Brighton’s bi-monthly Twisted Market on Sunday with an After Party in the evening for those who’re still standing. Tix are here, and you can pick ‘n’ mix from the events to create a weekend to suit you.

The dress theme for Saturday evening is ‘uniforms’, and that’s my flimsy excuse for reprising one of my favourite army-boy pics at the head of this post, brought to you by the most awesome Skin Marvin.

If you’re coming along to Brighton Fetish Weekend, do say ‘hello’ if you see me!


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