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I’m blog-hopping again! This week, I’m at KD Grace’s place, offering a few insights into my central character in Thrill Seeker, Natalie Lovell, plus a few thoughts on my preference for erotica over erotic romance.

One of the reasons I describe myself as a writer of erotic fiction rather than of erotic romance is because I like writing about individuals on a journey toward sexual authenticity. This doesn’t preclude the development of a core relationship, of love or a happy ending, but those factors aren’t driving the story. Nor does it mean my fiction isn’t romantic. It often is, albeit not conventionally so.

For Natalie, the exploration of her submissive sexuality on her own terms is key part of her self-actualisation. However, haunted and inhibited by incidents in her past, Natalie has taken some years to reach a point in her life where she feel brave enough to move forward.

To find out more about Natalie, head on over to visit KD Grace!

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