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When Jilly Boyd asked if I’d like to write a piece for her blog about erotic thrillers, I nearly bit off her arm. So I’m over there today, talking about one of my favourite books, Susanna Moore’s In The Cut, and why I value the erotic thriller.

Fifty Shades of Grey has brought erotic romance into the mainstream and while I appreciate sex + love is a heady mix for many readers, I’d love to see romance lose its current stranglehold on the erotic, and offer up some space for that other potent combination: sex + danger.

My latest book, Thrill Seeker, is described by my publisher, Black Lace, as a ‘sexy and controversial erotic thriller’. It has a lot in common with my second book, Asking for Trouble, written many years ago. Both books centre on women who embark on a sexual adventure with an enigmatic man who’s likely to be trouble. Beth (Asking for Trouble) and Natalie (Thrill Seeker) starting out tentative and curious, aware they have sexually submissive longings that won’t be satisfied by a vanilla future. All too soon, they’re on dangerous and potentially destructive paths. Caught up in dark erotic passions, my protagonists are no longer in control, something which simultaneously compels and horrifies them. They know they should stop taking risks but they can’t.

As an author of erotica, I prefer exploring sex and desire through lenses other than the romantic. I’m more interested in the erotic journeys of individual women than I am in the development of coupled relationships; more fascinated by how we find our way towards our own sexual authenticity in a culture which impedes self-understanding at every turn; more interested in lustful obsession than in love.

To read more, go here where Jilly also says some very lovely things about me!

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