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Thrill Seeker is published today!

Thrill Seeker_Stan KeetleyThrill Seeker is out today! Left is a beautiful, well-thumbed, dog-eared, scuffed and spine-broken copy from one of my early readers, Stan Keetley. As you can see, Stan takes a damn fine photograph (open full size to see the pic all its glory). The shot really captures some of the moody seaside atmosphere of Thrill Seeker. (You can’t make it out but the object in the foreground is a penknife.) And that heaped rope, oh my!

Stan gave Thrill Seeker an enormous thumbs up and said he’s never read a book so fast! I’m hugely pleased with that. I wanted to write a pageturner with depth and offering psychological insights into submission, much as I had done with Asking for Trouble. I think – I hope – I have.

Thrill Seeker centres around Natalie Lovell, a thirty something woman relatively new to exploring her submissive side. But she’s no naif, and isn’t hanging around waiting for Domly guidance. She’s actively seeking her thrills, unsure where her journey may take her, but being more than prepared to take risks to find pleasure, and to better understand herself and her desires. If that sounds as if she’s on a merry fuck-adventure, going from one new guy to the next, she isn’t. That’s a fine thing to do, but isn’t interesting to me as a writer. I like exploring relationships, although they don’t need to be love-based. And as ever, I want to portray sexual submission in a positive light, to keep pushing the message that you can be submissive and still have sexual agency and, shock-horror, be a self-aware, fully-functioning, horny adult. Femsub got a lot of bad press after its awful portrayal in Fifty Shades. I may write more about this at some point!

Anyways, Den Jackson is the man Natalie hooks up with, an experienced but potentially dangerous dom who doesn’t always play fair. He leaves Natalie wondering whether she should be running toward or very far away from him. And lurking in the background of the story is Natalie’s former lover, the man she can’t let go of, Baxter Logan, a big, screwed up, sexy bastard with an enthusiastic dominant streak. Baxter isn’t the cool sort, not by a long shot. I absolutely loved writing him.

One of Natalie’s key fantasies is of kidnap which, in the wake of Ohio’s horrors, would seem insensitive to discuss so I’m going to leave that to one side for now.

I’ll be telling you more about Thrill Seeker on this site, and on other blogs, over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll join me! And I hope, if you pick up Thrill Seeker, you’ll struggle to put it down. Although, um, I also hope there’ll be moments when you’ll really need to put it down!

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  1. The Amazon US page for the Kindle edition still says not available, even though the publication date is listed as today. Hm. :/

    Comment by Lily | May 9, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks for this. Quite a few people have contacted me to say the same thing. Confusing and disappointing. Am checking with my publisher to find out what the score is. I imagine it’ll be next week before I have an answer though.

      Comment by Kristina Lloyd | May 10, 2013 | Reply

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