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The Sh! Christmas Pleasure Hunt!


If you want to warm up your winter with some scorchingly hot prizes, please polish your spy glasses and join us on The Sh! Christmas Pleasure Hunt!

From today (Friday 7th) until Monday (10th), twelve erotica authors will be secreting pieces of information on their blog posts. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow the trail, collect this info and enter a draw to win all kinds of awesome stuff!

Sh! is a shop much loved by erotica authors in the UK and US. Not only does the store sell an amazing range of top-quality products and sexy books, the Sh! Girlz are hugely supportive of what we do as writers. Many of us have been involved in readings at the London store, and have been lucky enough to sample the Sh! Girlz’ cupcakes! Time Out voted Sh! London’s best sex shop for women. We couldn’t agree more.

Last week, the Sh! website was down, thanks to the curmudgeonly efforts of crackers. Happily, the site is now back, as proudly pink as ever, and so, in the words of the song, December Will be Magic Again!

To celebrate, we’re hosting our Christmas Pleasure Hunt and Sh! are kicking off their Filthy Friday!

Authors playing along are: Janine Ashbless, Justine Elyot, Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Lexie Bay, Lily Harlem, Lucy Felthouse, Remittance Girl, Sommer Marsden, Tabitha Rayne, Tamsin Flowers, Victoria Blisse

That’s quite a line up, no? The aim of the game is to find a word from the following Kate Bush lyric in a post from each of our participating authors:

Come to sparkle the dark up …Come to cover the muck up

That word will link to a sexy Sh! product. Check out the link, note down the price. At the end of the hunt, add up all 12 prices you’ve collected. That total is your answer!

jake_gyllenhaal1There will be three posts per day, starting today, going across the weekend, and finishing on Monday. Each post will link to the three authors who’ll be posting on the following day.

After Monday, email your answer (the total price of all linked products) to Sh! ( All correct answers will go into a draw. One lucky winner gets a bumper bag of goodies from Sh! Thirteen runners up will receive a book (print or digital) from one of the authors on board (including me). It’s a snowfall of smut!

Today’s three authors are: Justine Elyot, Remittance Girl and Victoria Blisse.

Check out their sites later today to find your hidden word! We’re posting worldwide, so anyone can play. We hope you’ll join us, no matter how good or bad you’ve been this year!

MONDAY 10TH UPDATE: Check out the Sh! Blog to piece the treasure hunt together! They’ve been keeping track. Have you?

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  1. […] was eager to leap aboard when Kristina Lloyd came up with the idea for this Christmas Pleasure Hunt as a kind of mini re-launch for the Sh! […]

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  2. Is this UK only? I might play anyways, because it sounds like fun.

    Comment by antoinettemsmut | December 7, 2012 | Reply

    • Worldwide! Hop on the sleigh, join in the fun!

      Comment by Kristina Lloyd | December 8, 2012 | Reply

  3. I saw this started on Remittance Girl’s site. I’m admittedly excited. Should be fun. 🙂

    Comment by TheOthers1 | December 8, 2012 | Reply

  4. […] the Pleasure Hunt from the beginning, or want to read more about the rules, then head off to Kristina Lloyd’s site, and follow the links to the next three authors. (Huge thanks to Kristina for organising all […]

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  5. […] special thanks to Kristina Lloyd, who orchestrated the cunning plan for the Sh! Christmas Pleasure […]

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  6. […] you have to do is follow the instructions on the launch posts from Sh! and Kristina Lloyd, hopping through the various blogs taking part in order to collect the information you need, […]

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  7. […] Sh! Girlz would also like to give a special and HUGE thanks to the fabulous Kristina Lloyd, who pulled together the plans for our Sh! Christmas Pleasure […]

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  8. Ah well, can’t have everything. I was off to Ottawa to see Leonard Cohen and basically run my ass off for 4 days. As I own no lap top, notebook, cell phone etc. I couldn’t have played along even if I’d known about it. But it sounds like it was fun! Congrats to the winners.

    Comment by Madeline Moore | December 11, 2012 | Reply

  9. […] the start of the holiday, I happened to stumble upon something called the Sh! Christmas Pleasure Hunt. The requirements for the hunt were to blog hop to author sites and hunt for a particular word, […]

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  10. […] Sh! Girlz would also like to give a special and HUGE thanks to the fabulous Kristina Lloyd, who pulled together the plans for our Sh! Christmas Pleasure […]

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