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Wow, Geek Love has become the 10th most-funded fiction project and the highest backed fiction anthology in the history of Kickstarter! Ain’t that amazing? With just a few days left until the project is closed to backers, I hear the next $ target is to make editors, Shanna Germain and Janine Ashbless, explode with excitement.

I got a geeky thrill last week when I learned my short story, Black Gold, has been accepted for the collection. And I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons in my life!

Geek Love, is both an ebook and a limited edition, full-colour, hardback of erotic fic, art, photography and comics, and will be out late 2012. The project is still open to art submissions but do not send them anymore sexy gals in glasses! As ever, there is a shortage of hot dudes to display.

Black Gold is a story I wrote a few years ago for an anthology that didn’t quite happen. It’s a dystopian, bondage-and-coffee piece that I never tried subbing elsewhere, partly because I forgot about it, partly because I thought it was just too, shall we say, unusual for most anthologies. Like a true geek, my poor story languished on the periphery, unable to fit in, until fellow geeks welcomed it with open arms!

Geek Love will be funded on the 27th Sept. If you want to be part of it, go pledge some Kickstarter cash, and a gorgeous geeky reward will soon be yours!

And in the meantime, let’s celebrate this nerd-tastic project with some awesome robot pr0n:


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  1. Congratulations! I submitted a story, and while it might be accepted, I’m hoping for a personalized rejection letter telling me it was close but not quite. I’m also supporting it at the Cunning Linguist level, and hopefully the next time I submit a story to an anthology, I’ll be a bit more confident.

    Comment by antoinettemsmut | September 21, 2012 | Reply

    • Good luck! It’s such an exciting, original project. I hear they had 100s of short story submissions. And Shanna’s classes always sound fabulous.

      Comment by Kristina Lloyd | September 23, 2012 | Reply

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