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Kicking Ass!

I’m here to boast! I hope you don’t mind.

Asking for Trouble, my bestselling title, got a fabulous, intelligent review from Vanessa Wu. I want to quote the entire piece but I’m picking this part:

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of [KL’s] language. What she is doing is very difficult. For she doesn’t just focus on the physical. She manages to dig out and express the emotional roots of desire. I recommend this book to every writer. Kristina can be lyrical at times but she is never self-indulgent. And when she needs to be crude she is definitively crude.

Smart Ass, our brand new anthology of anal erotica, has also received a couple of great reviews on Amazon US. My story, My Ass Is Your Ass Is My Ass, wins some wonderfully high praise with our first reviewer describing it as ‘a pretty, dreamy surprise’ and ‘a love song to anal sex’ while our second says:

The stories mix in poetry and pornography, most notably the first story by Kristina Lloyd whose ability to go from something raunchy and graphic as the opening scene to something as poetic as “On the inside, I’m floating in a space nebula, and star clusters of silver are pulsing bright and dark” is just amazing. Breathtaking, even.

I’m thrilled with these reviews because they strike at what I’m trying to do in most of my writing: harmonise the base and filthy with a sort of imaginative lyricism. I want to get inside the sex, capture that evanescent magic, without shying away from the raw physicality of fucking, come and sweat.

No reviews yet for Bound by Lust, Shanna Germain’s debut anthology from Cleis Press, because it’s not out until April 2012. However, I’m delighted to say I have a story, No Sleep, in this collection. Check out the fab line up on Shanna’s blog.

If you fancy reviewing Smart Ass, drop me a line (comment or PM me via the form at the top of this blog) and we’ll send you a PDF, pronto. You’d make five authors supremely happy!

OK, boast over. Thanks for listening!


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  1. “I want to get inside the sex, capture that evanescent magic, without shying away from the raw physicality of fucking, come and sweat.”

    Yes, yes, yes! It needs to be done, but it’s a rare talent that can do it. Luckily, Rare Talent is your name.

    Comment by Jeremy Edwards | October 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. Thanks J! I think it’s something those of us in the GDWC (Good Dirty Writers Club; you are a member, obviously!) are always striving to do. It’s an exciting tightrope to walk and even better when you manage not to fall off.

    I need a better acronym for our club.

    Comment by Kristina Lloyd | October 12, 2011 | Reply

  3. HI K – I’d love to review Smart Ass!

    You can email me at

    Comment by Quiet Riot Girl | October 22, 2011 | Reply

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