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Man Candy Wednesday

I’m off to France today, woohoo! MCM is late because I’ve been focusing on a deadline. Nailed it last night, meaning I am now allowed out of the country. Phew.

A small piece of excitement. My short story, The Lion Tamer’s Scars, is now available on an iPhone near you via the digital deliciousness that is Ether Books. The Ether Books app is free to download – and I know this because when my first story was published by Ether, I asked a total stranger in the pub if I could borrow his iPhone to check it out.

The Lion Tamer’s Scars first appeared in the fund-raising anthology, Ultimate Burlesque, where it was described as an “eroto-comic masterpiece of a story” by Jeremy Edwards, himself a master of the eroto-comic. I’m hoping to publish this story (and others) as a stand-alone e-short later in the year, so if you don’t have a smart phone, fret not!

But for now, je suis en vacances!

Here’s how the story starts:

The Lion Tamer’s Scars

Roxy Roxoff wanted to run away and join an office. Sure, the circus was fun and the contortionist was cute but getting naked every night took its toll on a girl. For three spangly years, Roxy had been stripping down to her well-waxed pubes, and now those watching eyes were starting to bug. In fact, Roxy was so goddamn tired of being ogled she could no longer have sex with the light on.


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  1. Ooh, yes, an eroto-comedic masterpiece… and now it’s a *classic* eroto-comedic masterpiece! (And thanks for the wonderful shout-out.)

    I assume you’ll be taking advantage of the timing of this new release to approach handsome strangers in France… you know, to make sure the iPhone downloads work on the Continent (and in each of the different arrondissements).

    Comment by Jeremy Edwards | July 27, 2011 | Reply

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