Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction Author

Man Candy Monday

“He was bare from the arse upwards, his naked back facing me. His olive skin was overlaid with a sheen of dark bronze, and he was perfectly muscled: sinewy, work-strong contours rather than vulgar brawn. His black hair was cut in a grade-two crop and the suggestion of skull beneath was menacingly beautiful. His head was slightly turned, eyes downcast, mouth set in a firm line. You could see an ear, jawline, high cheekbone, and part of a big, hawkish nose.

His left arm was angled at the elbow; his hand was in front of his body. It looked like he was wanking, oblivious to anyone else.

It was, quite simply, the horniest photo of a bloke I’d ever seen.”


That’s Ilya, from Asking for Trouble.

Because we can eroticise men with words as well as pictures.


Don’t forget, Filament Magazine are running an erotic short story comp. The theme is music, the closing date is July 31st.


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