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It’s been a while, I know, but I thought I’d dip into my Wet Files to remind you that Filament, The Wet Issue, is now out.

And it is hawt!

Seriously, this magazine keeps on getting better, bigger and bolder. Filament are celebrating their second birthday and when I received my copy last week, I was reminded of how far they’ve come since the early days.

In issue 8, there’s a range of smart articles and interviews, an erotic fiction competition judged by Violet Blue, and some stunning photography featuring sexy men and couples. It’s crazy to think of the battles this publication has had to fight to convince the world women like erotic material, and that erections in our hands (ooh!) will not lead to the collapse of civilisation. I’m a bit proud to have been part of that battle, and also extremely grateful for – and in awe of – editor, Surayah Sidhu Singh’s passion and determination.

Of course, the battle is still being fought. Female desire does not occupy the same place in our culture as male desire. Women’s bodies are eroticised far more than men’s. When men are sexualised, it’s frequently regarded as gay, as being for a gay audience. Many people still believe women aren’t as visual as men (cos, um, we have tiny, squinty, mole-like eyes and we are actually a different species and our retinas are detached… or something). Oh, and we still hear that old chestnut, “Women are just more beautiful than men, and penises are silly and ugly.”


The good news is, you can challenge these idiotic cultural assumptions by indulging in pleasure! It’s not like you have to go on a demo in the rain and eat sandwiches out of tinfoil. You buy the mag, put your feet up, and feast your eyes on beautifully shot photos of cock and kissing and skin beaded with shimmering droplets of water.

Issue 8 can be bought here.

Filament have also revamped their website and you can check out a range of previously published articles here.

Ah, and look at that cover! Few things in life are finer than a wet, hairy man.

If I’ve whetted your appetite and you want some instant wetness, then check out my Dripping Wet Men post.



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  1. ‘The female body is just naturally more asthetically pleasing’. It amazes me how many seemingly intelligent people come out with this clanger. I guess people will say anything, no matter how obviously idiotic, to reinforce the status quo. It’s so much more comfortable to think the world is the way it is for a good reason and not because of vast differences in power between different groups.

    Comment by Suraya | June 6, 2011 | Reply

  2. Yes, and it’s always amusing when people try to make out that beauty can be objectively measured, and that personal opinion and cultural bias are actually fact. And so you get guff such as ‘but women’s bodies have curves so the lines are better and neater, and they don’t have dangly bits to spoil the flow’. It’s desperate!

    Anyway, a truly great issue. Congrats and power to ya!

    Comment by kristinalloyd | June 6, 2011 | Reply

  3. […] A great review of Filament’s Wet Issue by author Kristina Lloyd here. […]

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