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The Erotic Awards 2011

It’s not every day you get to stand on stage and say “Thanks for the cock!” but that’s what I did recently when I represented Canadian smutter, Madeline Moore, in this year’s Erotic Awards in London.

The Erotic Awards are held annually to raise money for, and awareness of, The Outsiders, an organisation aiming to improve the lot of disabled people in the realm of sexuality. I was thrilled and honoured that Madeline, nominated in the Story Teller category, had asked me to be there on her behalf, and even more thrilled to discover she’d won.

The whole evening was a blast. The Awards ceremony featured some fabulous and some interesting acts. Stars of the show for me were Boy Kitten, a genderqueer bondage performance artist who hoisted himself up with elaborate ropework to perform a mesmerising mid-air dance, his moves ranging from gracefully serene to punkishly frenetic; and Equador the Wizard, a wildly entertaining magician and stripper who had the audience whooping in delight.

The Erotic Awards were followed by Night of the Senses, a wonderfully debauched affair which went on till 5 or 6 in the morning. I wore a badge saying ‘Madeline Moore’, got photographed in all sorts of compromising positions and left a trail of sexual devastation in my wake, safe in the knowledge everyone would think it was Madeline, not me.

No, not really. I took the badge off. Heh.

Anyway, congrats to Madeline and huge thanks to Tuppy Owens and co. for organising such a free-spirited, sexy, celebratory event.


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