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Yesterday, I had a plan to post some man candy for Lady Porn Day but instead found myself writing a piece about Jacqui Smith for The Guardian, a necessary but distinctly less pleasurable activity.

Lady Porn Day got off to a rocky start with flyers primarily depicting half-naked women, a move smartly and swiftly criticised by Maymay and Remittance Girl for lacking diversity and for failing to show us the dudes. LPD creator, Rabbit White, has to be applauded for taking these criticisms on board. Her site now has some great images of sexy men and her project is shaping up to be a wonderful space for sharing info, experiences and links. I love this post where comments from women expressing their thoughts on porn are posted on retro porn pics. ‘I HATE STORYLINES’ someone yells. Me too! I don’t need a narrative with my visual porn. I read books and watch films for narrative. I want my porn to cut to the chase, thanks.

Anyway, the man in pants. Oh my! If you’ve read my stuff, you may know I adore men with shaved heads and stubble, wearing big, bad boots. I’m also rather partial to unwaxed bodies, hairy arms and hefty wristwatches. Crikey, and look at those thighs! Truly, he is one of the most beautiful men I’ve seen for some time. He’s advertising posh pants here and he has a dog and reads books and is sensitive and rugged and everything! Eternal gratitude to Elizabeth Coldwell for bringing him to my attention.

In other news, the Valentine’s reading in Hoxton went wonderfully well. KD Grace has posted a fab write up complete with pics on her blog. Last night in Brighton, one of my stories was read (not by me) at Are You Sitting Comfortably?, an event created by White Rabbit (this is nothing to do with Rachel/Rabbit White/Write of LPD – pay attention!). These are delightfully bonkers, themed evenings (last night was ‘Sex’) held regularly in Brighton and London, and are well worth checking out.

More good stuff – our anal erotica ebooks, BadAss and Kiss My Ass, are still selling ridiculously well. Sales over Christmas were great – and that made sense because we’d made Violet Blue’s annual hot list and over the holidays everyone’s drunk and they want it up the arse. Uh, I mean they have more time for reading. But sales have been even higher since then. I am so thrilled by this, and I love that people are reading my anal sex with an astronaut story because it’s a piece that, for all its melancholy, makes me happy.

Well, that’s my round up of happenings in Kristina World. I only have one more thing to say: WET.


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  1. Hey Kristina, thanks for this post. I’d posted on Tuesday about LPD and just grabbed the first image I found. I’m in the beginnings of pondering my preferences in porn (sorry, couldn’t resist the alliteration), and will be writing more about it. Anyhow, thanks!

    Comment by Erobintica | February 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. Cheers Robin – and yeah, it is all too easy to do rather than question the image. We’re so used to seeing half naked woman as the signifier of sexy that its occurrence is too often viewed as the only option. I do appreciate how Rabbit White offered templates for her flyers and gave people the chance to make their own (except I cannot find the link now).

    I hope you have a nice porn-ponder! I’m always disappointed at how much supposedly female-friendly porn fails to cater for straight women. So many of the recs on RW’s site are for sexy-chick sites. I think for me, the main things I would like to see in porn are camera angles on hot guys and authentic female orgasms – both sorely lacking in mainstream porn.

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

    Comment by kristinalloyd | February 24, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hi Kristina – loved the piece at The Guardian, especially this point:

    many of the anti-arguments are centred on, and gain credence from, the belief that women prefer not to have sex; that we do not have sexual autonomy and agency

    That’s something that I have been saying for years (sigh) and seems so obvious to me. Thanks very much for writing and publishing your piece!


    Comment by Emerald | February 28, 2011 | Reply

  4. Thanks Emerald!

    And yes, I think it’s a key point. And the kind of porn people get most upset about is man dominating woman porn; scenes where she looks to be suffering; where she’s humiliated and degraded. When female desire isn’t fully trusted, isn’t accepted as being equally valid as a man’s, this type of porn gets misunderstood and feeds the anti- narrative which likes to claim porn is an industry based on coercion and exploitation of women.

    I mean, when Gail Dines does one of her insane rants listing all the nasty acts you can view in porn, I often find her descriptions hot!

    I think better sex ed would do a lot to improve perceptions of porn. If sexual fantasy and sexual play were accorded greater value, people would be more tolerant and less judgemental of sex that wasn’t to their own particular taste.

    Anyway, I’m enormously pleased at how positively people have responded to the piece. Thanks again!

    Comment by kristinalloyd | February 28, 2011 | Reply

  5. Hey, didn’t you just steal my dream guy and get him all wet or something? I guess it’s OK Kristina but hwne you return him to his dark cave in my cerebellum, I’d like him dry.

    Comment by madeline moore | March 10, 2011 | Reply

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