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Look! My name is on the front cover of this magazine in the same size font as Angelina Jolie’s name!

I was interviewed for PO, a German adult mag, by the extraordinarily wonderful, Danielle de Santiago. Danielle asked some great, thought-provoking questions, and the result is an interview covering a range of topics including female sexual submission (the pleasures and politics of), my writing, my personal life (I like to think no one ever gets that stuff out of me but oh, he did!) and… I can’t remember what else. I think there may even be some dating tips in there (which broadly goes: Jeez, don’t take advice from me).

I loved answering Danielle’s questions. Danielle’s the only person I know who’s read Asking for Trouble in both English and German, and I’m honoured and flattered that he knew me and my work well enough to craft intelligent, sensitive questions that really grabbed me. That, you see, is how he got hold of my secrets!

If you pop over to Danielle’s blog, you can win a copy of PO by commenting. And if you win, and you speak German, could you tell me what I said? I’m too scared to look back at the original version. Oh, and could you tell me what Danielle said in the intro? And those photo captions? And the pull quotes? And… and…

PO looks like an excellent mag with chunky features on Sexy Action Heroes (yum!), genital piercing (yum!), Angelina Jolie (husband, yum!) and more. If only I could read it…

Here’s a few pics from the interview. Don’t you just love that dark, scary alleyway?

(That is not me in the gas mask.)

A huge Danke schoen to Danielle for doing me in Deutschland!



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  1. dont know how much fun i had writing this piece and interviewing you…when i planned that article i totally knew it was you who i wanted to have in my boat:-)

    i send you a translation of the intro-piece sometime next week…your answers are pretty much 100% what you said ..i only had to leave out one question/answer because i was soooo far over my wordcount:-)

    Comment by danielle | November 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. I won it!!! My German dictionary is on standby – this looks fascinating.

    Comment by justineelyot | November 6, 2010 | Reply

  3. Justine, you have blackmail material! Good luck with making sense of it! And I see Danielle’s being generous with the smut and the comp is running for another day – hurrah!

    Danielle, any time you want to send a translation of your words, I’d be thrilled. Don’t rush on my account, though. And of course, I totally trusted that you’d be true to my answers. Working with you was hugely enjoyable. I’m so glad you asked me into your boat!

    Comment by kristinalloyd | November 6, 2010 | Reply

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