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A Quickie!

Bad Ass, our latest anal erotica anthology, got a wonderful review from author, Madeline Elayne. Madeline says of my story:

I don’t know why, but I have a soft spot for melancholy in my smut. Maybe because it allows for such dramatic contrast when the sexual energy comes into full swing. That’s certainly the case for Kristina Lloyd’s bittersweet piece, Dark Side of the Moon. This is the first story of Lloyd’s that I’ve had the pleasure of reading ,and she’s definitely now on my “to read” list. Dark Side of the Moon takes the concept of a lifelong partnership drifted apart and treats it with sensitivity, intelligence, and lots and lots of heart. Fans of hot sex scenes don’t fret, though because where sweet and melancholy reign early on in the tale, the lack of steamy anally inspired sexiness is made up for by the end, I promise!

I’m so thrilled. And of course, I love getting new readers! You can read the whole review here.

And you can download Bad Ass from:



All Romance

Amazon UK

Amazon US

…right now!


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