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Giving head, giving thanks!


So here I am, mopping up at the end of Sommer Marsden’s amazing Blow Hard Tour 2009. C’mere, a little to the left … some on your face. There, that’s better.

Apologies for my lateness, I’ve been knocked off course by the bigotry and homophobia that is Amazon. But look, the latest is sorry folks, just a glitch! – and let’s pretend that spokesman didn’t say anything at all and hope no one views this poorly disguised volte-face as a massive insult to the intelligence of the thousands of people who’ve been up in arms about this issue. Just a glitch! Noting to worry about, you silly, silly people!

Anyway, blowjobs. Yum! I have to confess, I missed much of the tour. I’ve been sick and the most I’ve wanted to put in my mouth recently is a few spoonfuls of yoghurt so I’m still playing catch up. Was there a lot of cock? Did anyone get jaw ache? Has Alison Tyler got hurty knees or does she have callouses there already?

My second book, Asking for Trouble, is ten years old this year. Ten! My central character, Beth, says:

I love cocks. I love looking at them. I love sucking them. It turns me on hugely. I know some women say, ‘Yeah, giving a blowjob, it’s OK but you only really do it in part-exchange, don’t you?’ But I disagree. I genuinely love it.

Beth is speaking for me and, I think it’s safe to say, for lots of women as the Blow hard Tour has shown! A huge thanks to Sommer for throwing the party. You’ve made many people very happy!

To round things off and, because desire never ends, to get them going again, here’s an excerpt from my latest novel, Split. Kate has been cornered by Eddie, the brother of Jake, the guy she’s falling in love with. Eddie is a bit of a bastard.



He took a step towards me and I took a step back. He moved closer again.

He was broad-chested and muscular, and I’m short and dumpy but it hardly mattered. I was scared of him, irrespective of size, but I wasn’t going to let it show. My heart was going pitter-patter and I swallowed hard. ‘You’re invading my personal space,’ I said in the most assertive voice I could muster.

I was backed against a section of wall between two door jambs and he placed his hands either side of me. He grinned down, cocky and gloating, his brawny arms inches from my head, his Celtic tattoo a blue-black chain of geometric links. He kept his body at a distance from mine and I could easily have ducked under his arms but this, I guessed, was a slower game of wits.

I had a bag over my shoulder. I let it fall then kept perfectly still, trying to block out the scent of his sweat, his masculine beeriness, and how grubbily excited I was to have him threatening me with his bulk. In front of me, that great block of a chest lifted gently with his breath, and I got to see the sprinkles of stubble on his jaw, the spidery blood vessels in his eyes, the hairs in his nostrils, the smallness of an ear lobe. With the sudden close focus of him after a couple of drinks, that’s how his face seemed: not whole but a messed up jigsaw of fragments, a pub-goer’s Picasso.

‘No,’ he said coolly. ‘You’re invading my personal space.’ I saw the crooked arrangement of his bottom teeth, and I pressed my head against the wall, not wanting him any closer and yet wishing he would try. I swallowed again, trying to get saliva into my dry mouth. Adrenaline sharpened my senses and I felt very sober, very alert.

‘So what’s the deal here?’ he said without anger.

‘I don’t know what you mean,’ I replied.


He looked at me, smiling faintly, and I had to turn away. ‘What’s your name, pretty lady,’ he said. He knuckled a finger beneath my chin, tipping my head to make me face him.

I looked up, wondering what to tell him. His mocking tenderness intimidated me. I didn’t trust him. And yet I thrilled to the set up: me captive and meek, trapped by this smooth, smiling, unpredictable bully, the brother of the man I was falling for.

‘Kate,’ I replied thickly.

He nodded. ‘Kate,’ he repeated, and, with gentle pressure, he trailed the knuckled finger down my neck, pressing lightly on my throat before resting it in the dip of my collar bones.

I felt weak at the knees so I closed my eyes, fighting my lust. I could feel sweat prickle under my arms, across the small of my back, and my eyelids felt thin enough for him to see through and peer into my brain. I could sense him looking and I could smell him, the pub on his clothes and the deodorant-tinged sweat. Closing my eyes probably wasn’t a great idea. Instead of sight, I had a blank space in my head where imagination could thrive, knocking visual reality for six with its flood of dark possibilities.

‘Tell me about Jake,’ he said softly, and I heard his hand move to the wall again. […] ‘What do you two do together? Mmm? Does he let you play with his dollies?’

I opened my eyes and scowled.

He smiled down at me. ‘Where did he find you, sweetheart?’

I turned aside, gazing at the hand by my head and his stout wrist, refusing to answer.

‘Tell Uncle Eddie,’ he said. ‘Go on. Talk to me, Kate. Did he get you on t’ internet?’

‘It’s none of your business,’ I murmured.

‘Ah, so he did. […] Tell me,’ he said again, the wheedling tone back in his voice. ‘Does he fuck you nicely?’

‘You’re sick,’ I muttered.

‘I know. That’s what all the girls say.’ He angled towards me, tattoo stretching as he did a few vertical press-ups against the wall. Again, I tried to escape, my head pushing back as if the wall might yield. ‘Do you like it sick? Does Jake?’

‘Why?’ I asked. ‘Do you get off on it?’ As I spoke, I realised taking him on felt better than resistance. ‘Do you? Does it turn you on to think of your brother fucking me?’

‘Yes,’ he said calmly. ‘A lot.’ He smiled, and traced two fingers over my lips, lingering there in an offering. So I parted my lips, not knowing if I would suck or bite. I licked and nibbled his fingertips, feeling the rough texture of labour in his skin. There was a malty, beery taste to them, and they were warm and thick, his fingernails smooth against the ridges of my teeth. My eyes were locked on his, staring into the steel grey shards of each iris, and I released his fingers briefly to say, ‘He’s always fucking me. We’ve hardly stopped since I got here.’


Eddie tried to keep his face impassive but I saw the faintest flutter in his nostrils as his breathing went a little wrong. ‘How does he fuck you?’ he asked. ‘Hard and fast? Or good and slow? How do you like it, Kate?’

‘I like it all ways,’ I mumbled, and I made eyes at him as I drew his fingers deeper into my mouth, tongue lashing as I mock-fellated.

He stepped closer, body resting lightly against mine as he fed me more of his fingers. ‘Do you like sucking cock?’ he asked, and his body pressed harder.

The slab of his torso flattened my breasts, and his groin dug into my belly. I mumbled around his fingers and slowly he slid them out, awaiting my answer.

‘Love it,’ I breathed, and I gaped for his fingers again, sucking firmly when he returned them, tongue twirling, teeth scraping.

After a little more of this silliness, he said, ‘Unzip me, Katie. Unbuckle my belt and unzip me.’

I wanted to so much it hurt. I didn’t like him one iota. I’d had it in mind I might bite his fingers or laugh in his face if he tried taking it too far. And now he’d done precisely that, and I couldn’t laugh because my fingers seemed to be on his belt, slowly undoing him, wondering whether I’d go through with this or pull back and scoff when he was exposed and vulnerable. His erection was pushing behind the denim and I cupped the bulge of him, reaching down to graze my nails over his balls where the fabric was faded and soft.

‘Get my dick out,’ he said, and seconds later I had his zip undone because I couldn’t resist that instruction. He pushed jeans and underwear onto his hips, and his cock bounced out, thick and sturdy just as he was.

I melted, flesh turning to wet lust. […] He stepped back and I dropped to my knees. I shuffled closer, sex throbbing, juices slick. My mouth was open and I was about to swallow him when he put his hand on my forehead, stopping me.

‘Manners, Katie,’ he said. ‘What happened to your manners?’

I pushed against his hand, eager to defy him and have him filling my cheeks, but his block was rigid.

‘You don’t get this for free,’ he said, giving himself a little shake. ‘I want you to ask. I want to know how much you want this dick.’


Split is available from Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Random House (where you can peek inside) and many other good bookshops but Amazon can fuck right off!

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  1. Wow, very nice. Thanks, Kristina!
    Loved this: “Eddie tried to keep his face impassive but I saw the faintest flutter in his nostrils as his breathing went a little wrong.”
    Reminds me of a game an old supervisor of mine told me they used to play while on shore leave in the Navy. Game was called “Smiles”…

    Comment by P.S. Haven | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Am I allowed to mention the lovely where I buy most of my books and which has four of your books available (including split and Asking for Trouble)?
    (I know you said “and others”.)
    I feel that Amazon’s position is untenable and will be reversed soon, but I have been avoiding them anyhow because I am in dispute over Amazon Prime.

    Comment by pierre l | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. I seriously love that excerpt from ‘Split’. I’m reading it again for the second time. Love that book. Love love love it.

    Comment by T. Elle Harrison | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hi Kristina –
    Love the picture! LOVE the excerpt from Split!
    Amazon sucks – not in a good way. Just incredible!
    Anyway – thanks for mopping up our BJ Tour – good messy fun! Thanks again to Sommer, too, for masterminding the whole affair!

    Comment by Marina | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  5. My god that was simply devilishly divine. I’m glad no one walked past my office door…*grin*…the sight of me sitting on the edge of my seat reading with lips parted in expectation would have left little room to doubt I wasn’t working!!

    Loved it. Just loved it.


    Comment by Lady Stone | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  6. ‘You don’t get this for free,’ he said, giving himself a little shake. ‘I want you to ask. I want to know how much you want this dick.’

    I want that dick. Because you are one of the few writers I know who can pull off “dick.” (I generally prefer cock.) But you make me want dick. You do.

    Ta very much.

    Comment by alison tyler | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  7. Kristina,
    You’re one of the classic erotic writers that inspire me want to be a better writer. My heart bursts with joy to be here today.

    ‘…You don’t get this for free,’ he said, giving himself a little shake. ‘I want you to ask. I want to know how much you want this dick….’

    So fucking hot!!

    Thanks for being involved in Sommer’s amazing Blow Hard Tour. I can’t think of a better place to end the tour.

    p.s. Thanks again for posting about amazon. I’m still livid this morning about this!

    Comment by Neve Black | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  8. I’m in awe of that picture!!!

    Have to take a walk (had pie for breakfast – naughty me) – will read the rest when I get back!

    Comment by Erobintica | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  9. Hey, thanks hugely everybody! I was in two minds about posting this excerpt because I thought it was a little long. I was worried you might all be sated since it’s the end of the tour. Clearly, you are all greedy trollops who have no understanding of concepts such as ‘enough’ and ‘too much’. I like your style.

    And please, anyone, recommend your favourite bookstores. I do shop at BD but usually via Amazonfail. Not anymore.

    Comment by kristinalloyd | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  10. Oh, my… My, my…what an encore. Awesome excerpt. I’m in awe of teh hot. I must read the rest of this. Off to Barnes and Noble for me.

    Comment by Cora Zane | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  11. that was a great read, Kristina! and hello, by the way, I’m a noob 😉

    as far as bookshops go… I’ve bought 99% of my erotica from Amazon in the past (and most books in general). I suppose I’ll look at Waterstones and Borders in the future.

    Comment by ste | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  12. loves split. there was a part that scared the shit out of me and i had been uber turned on. so my body was very confused. am i hot? am i scared? am i horny or do i need to run?

    love the photo! only you, my dear, would get us a photo of real skull fucking. thanks for being our encore! brava!

    Comment by Sommer | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  13. LOL@ Sommer. I felt that way through the whole book. It’s really a fantastically creepy, sexy, bone chillingly erotic read. Fantastic imagery and I’m not just talking about the sex scenes but the overall tone of the novel. Loved it. LOVED IT! (Did I say that already? I’m gonna go now. I’m starting to sound like a groupie…)

    Comment by T. Elle Harrison | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  14. Yoghurt, eh? If you say so … but you seem to have gotten some in your hair.

    Comment by Jeremy Edwards | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  15. Okay – I gotta read the rest of that. It’s available here at Powell’s Books too.

    Very nice.

    Oh, and did I say, I love that picture! 😉

    Comment by Erobintica | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  16. My copy is now on the way from . I can hardly wait. *evil handwringing glee*

    Comment by Cora Zane | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  17. I shall add that I read “Darker Than Love” and “Asking for Trouble” some weeks ago and have decided it’s time to read the copy of “Split” that I bought at the same time. Hence I haven’t read the excerpt above.

    Comment by pierre l | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  18. Oh noes, Jeremy’s rumbled my yoghurt ruse!

    Cora, thank you! I really hope you enjoy the book. And I’m thrilled Amazon just lost a sale! Kudos to you. Pierre, hope you like it too.

    Ste, welcome to the party! And T. Elle and Sommer, thanks for the Split love. Your comments are very much appreciated!

    Comment by kristinalloyd | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  19. Congratulations on “Asking for Trouble” being 10-years-old! Hooray! Is it on your shelf wearing a party hat?

    What Sommer said about “Split” being scary and sexy. That’s what I love about your work — it’s on the edge of everything, keeping the reader on the brink. Fantastic excepts! Chills and, um, spills!

    Love the X-Ray!

    What a perfect way to wind up the tour. I think I’m truly blown away! Thanks, Kristina!


    PS Yeah, Amazon. Fuck.

    Comment by EllaRegina | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  20. Hi again,
    Yes, it does appear we do enjoy sucking cock, doesn’t? I wonder if the tour could go on forever? Just kidding, Sommer.

    I forgot to mention how glorious that image above is. Hmmm…me thinks that would look wonderful next to my bed.

    Here’s a plug for my local bookstore that gets all my business:

    Thank you again –

    Comment by neve black | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  21. “The slab of his torso flattened my breasts and his groin dug into my belly.”

    I took in a little breath when I read that line. Wow, Kristina, pretty powerful stuff. I didn’t think the excerpt was too long. The way you build up the suspense is divine. I like bad boys, and this guy is the baddest!

    Thanks for helping us extend the fun. And, yeah, I loved the x-ray photo, too. It was spot on!


    Comment by cerulean | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  22. Whew! Hot scene!! Thanks for wrapping up the tour, Kristina!

    I like this: “steel grey shards of each iris.” It seemed to me to fit the scene so well too.

    Clearly, you are all greedy trollops who have no understanding of concepts such as ‘enough’ and ‘too much’.


    Neve said,
    I wonder if the tour could go on forever?

    I think it may, just not on our blogs. 😉

    Thanks, Kristina!

    Comment by Emerald | April 13, 2009 | Reply

  23. Split is outstanding. Such tension!

    Comment by Craig Sorensen | April 14, 2009 | Reply

  24. Thank you again for all the kind words. Really, you guys are the best medicine! You guys and all the, um, yoghurt.

    I’m laughing at Emerald:

    *I wonder if the tour could go on forever?

    I think it may, just not on our blogs.*


    Comment by kristinalloyd | April 14, 2009 | Reply

  25. Hi Kristina, I just wanted to drop in again to tell you how much I loved Split. It arrived yesterday from BN, and I read it in one sitting. It’s one for the keeper shelf.

    *thumbs up*

    Comment by Cora Zane | April 17, 2009 | Reply

  26. Wow, Cora! In one sitting? That’s a huge compliment. Thank you so much. Really glad you enjoyed it.

    Comment by kristinalloyd | April 18, 2009 | Reply

  27. I am a slower reader than Cora (too much time spent reading blogs) but my handy “Amazon Ranking Reckoner”
    shows me that AFT was doing very well in the ranking earlier this evening (around 4000), and that “Split” is currently at 3909. Good for you Kristina!

    Comment by pierre l | April 22, 2009 | Reply

  28. Thank you, Pierre! I checked Amazon when I got your comment and Split was at number 5 in the smut charts!

    Your link is interesting – esp the point (last edited in Feb 2008, if I remember correctly) that it’s Amazon policy to filter out ‘adult material’ to prevent it appearing in searches etc.

    Comment by kristinalloyd | April 27, 2009 | Reply

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