Kristina Lloyd

Erotic Fiction Author

The Blow Hard Tour 2009

blowhardtourlogo“No woman likes giving a blow job for the sake of a blow job. It’s simply a means to an end. Right?”

So said a friend of erotica whirlwind, Sommer Marsden, prompting an open-mouthed Sommer to declare ‘Wrong! Surely?’ Happily, a chorus of cocksuckers agreed and stepped up (or knelt down) to extol the virtues of giving head. A few days later, The Blow Hard Tour was born. It looks like this:

March 31st: Sommer Marsden
April 1st: Alison Tyler
April 2nd: Dakota Rebel
April 3rd: Erobintica
April 4th: Cora Zane
April 5th: Heidi Champa
April 6th: EllaRegina
April 7th: Marina St. Clare
April 8th: Emerald
April 9th: Kristina Wright
April 10th: Isabel Kerr
April 11th: Neve Black

And I’m excited to say I’ll be joining this phalanx of fellatio fans by following up with a slutty little encore. So it looks set to be a fortnight of filth, fiction, jaw ache, jism, prizes and surprises.

Sommer is counting down to blast off right now and if you head (!) over to her blog today, you’ll find a hot MFM excerpt from my vampire short, The Funhouse is Closed Mondays. This story is from the Black Lace anthology, Lust at First Bite, which also features Sommer’s hot, witty and wildly original, There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute. In my Funhouse, Simeon and Suzanne, two snow vampires from my novella, The Vampire’s Heart (in Lust Bites), have upped sticks and are now living on a defunct ghost train in a deserted Coney Island. There they meet Christophe, leader of the pack …


Christophe gave an arrogant laugh. ‘This ain’t a floor show, lady,’ he said, crossing to her. ‘This ain’t a pleasure palace. This ain’t the fucking movies! This is about me. Me! Me and my dick. It ain’t about you or what you want to watch. You don’t count for jack shit. You getting that, missy?’

Christophe unzipped.

Suzanne smiled nervously and licked her lips.

Gimme more!


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  1. […] bookmarks tagged witty The Blow Hard Tour 2009 saved by 3 others     princess11jade bookmarked on 03/30/09 | […]

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  2. That has to be one of the hottest excerpts ever – period.

    Comment by Cora Zane | April 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. Thanks so much, Cora! I’m running to catch up with the BH tour (been horribly sick) and just dropped in on Neve. I may have to lie down again already! Looks like you’ve all been having lots of fun and filthiness. I think I need to do this in stages or I may have a relapse!

    Comment by kristinalloyd | April 12, 2009 | Reply

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