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Another wonderful review of Split!

I got another wonderful review of Split!

Kristina Lloyd writes incredible sex scenes. Her prose is beautiful – even when the scene being described is positively grimy – and she uses novel, original language. […] This book is clever, beautiful, dreamy and gritty.

I’m so happy! Check out Tumperkin‘s review over at Dionne Galace’s rather smart and witty site. I think it’s a very considered and insightful response to Split, and I’m always especially grateful when people perceive my work as romantic, despite the fact that it doesn’t tick many of the genre-romance boxes. Jeremy Edward‘s once wrote a very brilliant article on offbeat romance for Lust Bites. And he cited my filth which is obviously marvellous.

Asking for Trouble – not exactly trad romance – was November’s featured book on Love Honey’s newly-launched Erotic Book Club – and I do feel it got a bit of a roasting.

‘That girl needs to see a therapist big time.’

‘A story that is well-written and hot early on quickly turned into one that you just wanted to finish so you could see the ending before you showered.’

‘Prepare yourself for domination and submission, group sex, an attempted rape and a scenario which I struggled to read as in my view it is the ultimate in humiliation.’

‘I think ultimately the book serves as a potent illustration of why in the majority, fantasy should stay exactly that, and never actually see the light of day.’

Get thee to a nunnery, Lloyd!

The comments were positive in many ways – well-written, couldn’t put it down, really horny etc etc – and I got lots of pretty stars. However, as usual, what bothers me is the oft-held view that certain types of kinky sex must be centred around histories of abuse, lack of self-worth, mental health issues and all that jazz. And that Beth, my central character, did all that dirty-dirty submissive sex stuff because she was too stubborn to back down, or because she was hoping for his commitment and love, or because she was deluded, or because she was doing it to please him. No! It’s just a hot thing to do! She liked it! She had no ulterior motive.

And, gosh, I don’t know how I could have made it any more obvious in the book that Beth really likes the sex. And that she is very in tune with her somewhat dark sexuality and is determined to explore it, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Oh, and it’s frustrating that many of the kinks and themes I explore seem perfectly acceptable in erotica based on trad romance with a naive heroine and a Sir Dystic D’Arcy. But create a sexually enlightened and self aware female character and people start saying ‘disturbing’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘how could she possibly want that?’

Maybe this is inevitable when you’re a woman writing erotic fiction because it’s so heavily marketed at the Romance readership. Feathers are bound to get ruffled if you try and do something different. I wrote Asking for Trouble in 1998. Progress is so-oooo slow.

Anyway, I’m going to hibernate for a while – unless I get another review to crow about. I have a Top Secret project to work on. Ssshhh!

Merry Christmas everybody! And US readers: look out for the release of both Split and The Vampire’s Heart (in Lust Bites) on January 1st. Yes, my smut will be bringing in the new year!

As I write this tonight, Split is at number 16 in Amazon UK’s Bestselling Erotica Chart and Asking For Trouble is at number 11. Hurrah!


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful shout-out! Champagnely congrats on the reviews . . . and on your slick, sensuous climb up the charts!

    Comment by Jeremy Edwards | December 12, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thank you, Jeremy! Yours was a great article – and surely a contender for the ‘Best Title for a Blog Post on LB’ award.

    Comment by kristinalloyd | December 13, 2007 | Reply

  3. Kristina,

    I am VERY excited because Split should be on the US shelves shortly!:)

    I agree with you, it is a shame that erotica first of all is aimed at the romance audience (but I WILL be in that section to find Split). I think that Beth was brave, There actually are many US publishers trying to market “erotica” who are not even on your threshold. Not doing anything original at ALL. You are fearless and you inspire me.

    Good luck on your top secret mission–hope to read it in the near future…

    Leonore S.

    Comment by Leonore S. | December 24, 2007 | Reply

  4. Thank you hugely, Leonore! I appreciate the support. And I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Split.

    Comment by kristinalloyd | December 26, 2007 | Reply

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